Discover the Beauty of Intention

Welcome to the Beauty of Intention  - In addition to working with stones and jewelry,                                                   FERNSHADOW STUDIO OFFERS HOLISTIC ENERGY THERAPY

With intention and belief, you create your reality.  Are you consciously creating?  What is your present intention?

The Practice --- Are you seeking answers; do you feel you have no control over your life's directions; are you feeling overwhelmed by stress or situations that seem out of your control?  Sometimes, we need help to find that calm place in ourselves, to be still and listen quietly for the answers.  Other times, we could use some coaching in learning how to lovingly say no, or to ask for help.  The Studio offers that sanctuary.

Holistic Energy Therapy -- Lila Jean has been a practicing energy therapy for more than a decade.  She believes in the holistic integration of western medicine and alternative medicine in the future.  Lila Jean is passionate about natural healing and helping people live their lives to the fullest, in the best state of health possible.  She is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Master Instructor and Practitioner, an Advanced Vibrational Therapy Practitioner, Certified Coach and Reader, and Certified Past Life Regressionist. 

Services -- A variety of services are available to each client, at their discretion.  Sessions may include: talk and coaching, hands-on energy therapy, past life work, aromatherapy, nutrition and more.  Sessions are between 1-1.2 to 2 hours in length.  Email Lila Jean at to schedule an appointment either in person on online.

The Studio --- FernShadow Studio is a healing place among the woods and lakes of Minnesota, and beauty and magic in the shadow of the ferns.  The Studio includes a workshop, healing room, and the new herb gardens. 

Holistic Therapy is considered complementary not a replacement for medical treatment.