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  • Brigid Goddess Necklace

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    Necklace with sodalite, carnelian, malachite, pewter and sterling silver.  Adjustable from 16 to 20 inches with soldered link chain and lobster claw clasp.  Strung on beading cable for added strength.  Pewter pendant of a roaring fire and a hearth.

    This necklace represents the Goddess Brigid, Briget, Brighid or Bride, the great protector and survivor. The blue sodalite encourages idealism and the drive for truth. Helps us understand ourselves. The green malachite encourages an appreciation of nature, sensuality and beauty, friendship and justice. It was also thought to dissolve facilitate labor, promote health and protect the wearer from injuries. The carnelian represents the red of fire. It was believed to ground energy and attention into the present, thus teaching us to focus and manifest personal power. It can aid in decision making, promote steadfastness and courage.