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  • Freya Goddess Necklace

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    Freya Necklace– Necklace with genuine ruby, Baltic amber, blue labradorite, crystal, pewter and sterling silver.  Adjustable from 16 to 19 inches with soldered link chain and lobster claw clasp.  Strung on beading cable for added strength. 

     This necklace tells the story of Freya through the folklore of gems. The amber is Freya’s gem, formed when her tears fell in the sea. The labradorite is a stone believed to break down barriers and allow the inner child to come into the light. The ruby is believed to bring vigor, passion and enliven and rejuvenate. The Aurora Borealis Austrian Crystals represent the rainbow bridge to Folkvang. The knot represents the interwoven nature of our world and the spirit realm.