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  • Virgo Birthstone Necklace

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    Virgo Necklace – Necklace with genuine sapphire, lapis, red carnelian, sapphire crystals, pewter and sterling silver.  Adjustable from 16 to 19 inches with soldered link chain and lobster claw clasp.  Strung on beading cable for added strength. 

    The traditional birthstones and their folklore are: Sapphire is said to bring tranquility of mind and protect against illness and injury while traveling. Lapis lazuli encourages wisdom, selfawareness, dignity and honesty. It helps us face the truth when confronted with it. Carnelian grounds energy and attention into the present, thus teaching us to focus and manifest personal power. It can aid in decision making, promote steadfastness and encourage us to overcome day-to-day difficulties.